The Second Law of Thermodynamics

When I first had Katelyn I decided that my laundry duties had doubled. Today, they have quadrupled. Not only do I have to wash more, but now I have to fold everything at least twice.


My little helper has decided that clothes look much better scattered amongst her toys in the living room than in the laundry basket, which doubles as a walker toy.


They also look much better unfolded than folded in a neat stack on the floor.

Eventually, I give in and let her take the now folded clothes out of the basket and play peak-a-boo.


But recently, my little girl has begun to understand that clothes do belong in the basket. She just can’t quite get that entire pair of blue jeans back where she got it but “A” for effort little one.

So no matter how much energy I seem to put into keeping up with things, they will always tend to disorder faster than I can put them in order.


But she’s still cute.

3 thoughts to “The Second Law of Thermodynamics”

  1. That last line describes my life so perfectly, it’s scary. No matter what- they disorder faster than I can put them in order. Blahhhh

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