Toofer number 6

Today toofer number six made an appearance. Katelyn wasn’t eating much and wasn’t about to nap without a big fight. After her teething episode for two hours in the middle of the night last Saturday, I had a hunch what was going on. Sure enough, another tooth. But, nothing that a dose of Tylenol, a walk outside and a tummy full of grapes couldn’t fix. She’s been sleeping for almost three hours now. Yessssss…

Anyway, she’s a funny girl. She’s been so much fun lately because she seems to finally understand things that I say to her. She knows names of her toys like her walker, Pooh Bear, Krtek, ball, and a few others. She knows what “bath” means and knows where to go to take a bath. She knows how big she is (as seen here). Similarly, if you say “roll ’em and a roll ’em. Mark it with a B” she’ll throw her hands up above her head.  If you ask her “what does the doggie say?” she’ll smile and let out two high pitched grunts. We are working on what the cow says and though she doesn’t quite fully get that one she mimics the low pitched groan quite well.  She’s gone from saying, “bah, bah, bah” to “ma ma ma.” I know she doesn’t get what she’s saying but I couldn’t be more proud.

She still loves reading books. Bed time is sometimes a huge struggle when all she wants to do is read. She just might get away with that one sometimes.

She is obsessed with pointing at things. Accompanied with a grunt and an inquisitive look, it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen…if you ask me. She’s always pointing at things behind me and I just know one day she’ll be pointing at a spider or some other such unwanted thing and it’ll freak me out. I’m waiting for it. But her favorite thing to point at is birds.  She loves watching them in the trees as she eats in her high chair. Everywhere we go–if there is a bird, she’ll find it.

She is mesmerized by the vacuum. Not afraid or excited about it but she’ll sit quietly and motionless the entire time I vacuum. Just watching.

She still hasn’t figured out the most efficient way to crawl.  But her left knee and right foot gets her to where she wants to be. She’s still obsessed with the walker. Man, can that girl cruise. The best is when she gets the angle just right and she goes in circles around the living room.

She loves her food. She seems to be weaning herself a little bit as she eats a ton of food. I talked with a pediatric nurse earlier this week. After discussing her typical breakfast she said, “that’s all for breakfast?” Uh, yeah. Her current weakness is grapes but she also can’t resist cheese, mango, peaches, beans, chickpeas, yogurt…I could go on. But she’s still our little 5-ish percentile girl (as far as I can tell anyway).

If this girl could talk she’d say, “Mom. Mom. Mom! What is it? What is it mom? Can I have it? Can I hold it? Can I touch it? Mom? Mom. Mom? Mom!” At least anytime I start doing something she’s gotta be right there. Checking things out. I get nothing done when she’s not asleep. So thank goodness for two (usually) good size (usually) naps.

Uh, so I guess that’s her 11 month (sheesh) update. Pictures to come in about a week, I’m sure.

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