It’s her birfday!


It’s not a one year birthday without a photo shoot. Since I was going to be taking the pictures instead of dishing out the big bucks for someone else to take them, I decided I could spend some money on a prop. I wanted something that she could hold on to while standing and possibly sit on. Something that I could use multiple times in the future. I found a guy on Craigslist that makes step stools from scrap construction wood. I wasn’t sure if they would be what I was looking for but when we went to take a look, both Devin and I wanted to buy several of them. But we exercised self control and left with the intended one stool.

I have yet to find the perfect place to take pictures but a patch of lawn across the street did just fine this time around.

We attempted to use bubbles in the pictures but our bubble blower is on the outs and our homemade bubble formula needs some tweaking. Fortunately, we got this perfect shot.


And here are the rest of them that turned out the best.

IMG_2427 IMG_2431



IMG_2451 IMG_2468


She still loves her Pooh Bear.


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