The Prodigal Stroller Returneth

Some of you may know that our small munchkin umbrella stroller was recently stolen from our apartment complex. We bought it at Wal-mart before our European trip and therefore it became part of our family since it was in just as many pictures as Katelyn.

Well, we left it in our carport one day and when I came home from work, it was gone. We looked and looked and couldn’t find it. Why would anyone want a beat up old stroller from Wal-mart? Well one night I spotted it at a nearby neighbors apartment. I found a picture of the stroller on my phone and asked a kid in the complex if he had seen it. Sure enough, the neighborhood kids had a ball with it. They gave it back and I got it ready as a “bonus” present for Brittany’s birthday.

2 thoughts to “The Prodigal Stroller Returneth”

  1. i didnt know this? also, it is so weird to read this thinking it was brit and then it was you- ha!

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