I just might be the cookie monster

When I was little my parents figured out that to get my attention or figure out where I was if they couldn’t see me all they had to do was yell, “Cookie!?” To which my reply would undoubtedly be “ME!”

Some things never change.

Last night we received a delivery around 6:30 from our UPS man. To receive a package around here is not an uncommon thing. Someone has an online shopping problem. By the way, it’s not me. So both Devin and I were surprised when the package was addressed to me. As we read the label and started opening the package we both tried to figure out what I ordered. The were some boots that I ordered for Katelyn but they weren’t due to arrive for a few more weeks. Not to mention the company, Mostly Muffins, didn’t quite sound right for a online clothing boutique.

What’s left to do but open up and see what it was.


Uh, what?

Devin’s immediate response was, “It wasn’t me! I swear!”

So we called the only person we thought it could be. We thought of our friend in Washington who helped Devin get my birthday batch of these lovely morsels but it wasn’t her.

After some more and more thinking we thought the only person who has our address, might know these cookies (with exactness), and may feel like they owe me a “thanks bud” is my good friend Emily.

Yep. It was her.

That crazy lady thought that I burned way too many calories after helping her clean her apartment a couple weeks ago. (Which couldn’t possibly be true after we both sat down and ate a hamburger and fries afterwards). When I went to help her out, I brought one of my prized cookies to share and that’s when she got the idea to send me more.

Twenty-four more.



Thanks Em!

Luckily, they store great in the freezer.


So, cookie anyone?


2 thoughts to “I just might be the cookie monster”

  1. Ha- I love how many it looks like! BTW- anyone reading this should know that I am one step away from that Hoarders show…so these were WELL deserved! Especially since poor Katelyn had to suffer along too! Love you!

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