Baby, baby, baby

I decided you need an update. I’ve been severely slacking this time around with everything. Pictures, posting…everything. So here’s what’s going on.

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say I’m mostly miserable. You’d think that being the second time around the genius body would handle it like a champ. Things were already stretched once so round numba two is easy. Instead it seems to know what it’s getting into and stubbornly moving along. Trimester number three has shown up with fire. Yesterday after continuing my complaints of body aches, I wondered if I should move more to feel better or rest more. I think I’m gonna die either way.

I had my 32-week checkup on Tuesday.  I’m about 75% excited because my doctor says our Pickle is head down! I say 75% because as you may recall, that’s what something like four doctors said about Katelyn. I want to believe him so badly but can you blame me for not?

With that said, I have a pretty good feeling that she’s in a totally different position than Katelyn. K’s head was always right up against my rib and no matter how much I gently pushed and massaged her away, she didn’t budge. This one has a definite bump but it’s much softer (as should be a little tushie) and is good 3 or so inches lower than K’s noggin was. Logic tells me it makes sense than you can go lower on your head than if you are folded in half, bum first. Either way, I’m going to take the doc up on his offer to do a 36 week ultra sound just to be sure.

Also, this one is much, much more active which also makes sense. Hard to give a good kick if you are folded in half, right? This little Pickle swims laps. She keeps me up at night and often, I’m completely grossed out. Let’s be honest. Think about it. It’s disgusting.

Anyway, we may or may not have a name picked out. We have one that both Devin and I like but maybe we are afraid of commitment. Maybe we don’t want to have the weird nagging feeling of “should that really be her name?” like we had with Katelyn. So it’s still in the works.

Also still in the works is what we are going to do about beds. Why this is stressing me out so much I’m not sure. Do we get another porta-crib? Do we put the Munch in toddler bed? Is she ready? (No!) Do we get a full size crib and do a baby shuffle for a while? I want as few transitions for Katelyn as possible…oh what to do? Any suggestions with good reasons?

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  1. Hey- I miss you. I tried texting about MK’s party? What’s the news about the shower? I’m sorry you’re feeling so yucky- I hate hate hated being pregnant every minute of it so I guess I’m saying you have every right to complain all you want. =) Had some thoughts about the bed situation, though you may have already thought of them…first of all, Katelyn doesn’t have a crib still right? You might consider one from ikea or on craig’s list that converts to a toddler bed and put up bumber guards on the one open side- the ones we had for Macy were so tall and long that she couldn’t get out at all. They were adjustable though, so I could squinch it short for her to get in and out herself. And then when she was older, I left it smaller because she knew there would be dire consequences if she got out of bed. We were mean about it like twice and she has never ever left her bed herself in the night- she will call to us if it’s really bad and I have invited her in maybe like twice ever, but she didn’t get out on her own. Then Pickle could have the portacrib or some kind of bassinet with storage underneath- I think ikea might have one of those too for cheap- just for temporary so you can see how K does or until they are a little older. Another thought I had was that the bed Macy has now is from ikea- but craigs list for 40 bucks! woot!- and it is an “adjustable” bed that can go from a short toddler bed size to a twin size. They also have a mattress that converts too believe it or not. If you were thinking that you might want to cut down on transitions, maybe consider getting that and keeping it to the short length for space and also she’s so small. Get two bumpers on either side and she still “could” get out, but it wouldn’t be just open- if you extened them all the way, it’d be pretty much like a crib, but with more options. Then when she’s bigger, you don’t have to buy a twin anything and she will already be use-to that bed bc it’s the same bed! I’m sure you’ve totally already gone through these ideas, but maybe not. Also, the great thing about a toddler bed is that you can lay down too when you are patting a back or telling a story or consoling in the middle of the night…my friend Val puts her kids in toddler beds at a year old for that very reason. A third idea… or or
    i’m not sure if those links will work, but i think if you copy paste them to the search bar they would? Text me when you get a minute =) wish I could hug ya

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