What happened to the blogging world?

Is it just me or is nearly everyone in a blogging slump? This clearly includes me. I lack enough material to warrant a post. So here I am, jumping on the “here is all the random stuff we’ve done lately” wagon. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Back track a few months back. We took a trip up to Muir Woods National Monument back in May. I should have blogged about that a long time ago. This is the before picture.


Katelyn is embracing her new found love for “saying” cheese for the camera.

This is one of the after pictures.


By after I mean after the spill and face dive into the dirt that Katelyn took from her stroller. Not so happy and everyone was little traumatized but we survived.

In the recent weeks Munch has observed me painting my toenails and as a result has become a fan of “peep” (aka pink) toenails.


On July 4th we took the opportunity to spend time with some family. Devin’s cousin lived near us for almost a year but we never got around to getting together with him and his fiancé until they moved to the Sacramento area, about two hours away. Convenient, I know. They got married on the 4th and we decided to make a trip out of it and stayed in a hotel the night before. The swimming was great but the 11pm fire alarm didn’t agree with Katelyn, resulting in a rough night and an unusually early morning. She promptly fell asleep minutes before we got to the wedding.  Instead of waking her up only to have to leave the ceremony with a disruptive, cranky toddler, we opted to let her rest in the car with Devin while I went to the ceremony.


This is the only picture we have from the wedding. We were too busy being hot or swimming (best wedding idea ever) the rest of the time. It was so relaxing and fun to spend time with our aunt and cousins that we hadn’t seen in a while and meet the new bride. Congrats to Ryan and Grace!

Here is my most recent, though not up-to-date, pregnancy picture. Taken a few weeks ago at 34 and a half weeks.


Today I am 37 weeks and anxiously and nervously counting down. A week and a half ago I had an ultrasound where they determined two things—she is still a she and she is most definitely head down. Today at my appointment I am 40% effaced and 1cm dilated. Not much but it’s always nice to hear there is progress. 

People keep asking me lately if I am ready. Not a chance. I’ve had many more freak out moments this time around and though my to-do list is significantly smaller than it was just a few days ago, I feel like I’m forgetting a billion things. I have to remind myself there are two things that really matter—she has a bed ready for her when she gets home and I usually know where the cameras are for when the time comes to run out the door. Everything else is just minor details.

In other updates, Munchie surprises us every day. She seems to pickup on one or two new words a day. My favorite part is that she often doesn’t say the word 100% correct but is pretty convinced she is speaking perfectly. Blankie started out as “balahbeeeee” and is now “blah-teeeet”. Butterfly is “wufferfy” and cupcake is “tut-teeeet”.



At this point in her life, she is particularly fond of “mee-imm-ming” (swimming), “choo-CHOOOOOO” (trains), “bop-BOP” (big trucks), and “BUS!”  Aside from swimming, her favorite thing to do is to jump and I’ve been told that she has exceptional jumping skills. She is definitely full of energy and so much fun to be around. I’m so lucky to spend my days with her and I will certainly miss her when I have to go to the hospital.

2 thoughts to “What happened to the blogging world?”

  1. Hang in there, Brittany! You’re so close! I hope that you get to have a successful VBAC. It is good that you have a little progress already. It is reassuring, at least. Katelyn is so adorable! I love her smile in the picture with her toe nails getting painted. I still haven’t tried painting Allie’s – I don’t think she would sit still long enough or leave them alone. I’m excited for you! I can’t wait to hear how it all goes and see pictures of your new little girl!

  2. I’m in a blogging slump too! I like hearing about what you’re up to though. I’m so excited for you to have another baby. Yikes! I can’t believe she’s going to be here so soon. I’m excited to see pictures of your new little cutie!

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