T minus 12 days…give or take

Less than two weeks to go until my due date. Yesterday I had my 38 week (and one day) checkup where I finally got around to asking, “uh, what’s my due date?”

Weird question? Probably.  Since I had an entire two months of completely different cycles before getting pregnant, going by my LMP was not so accurate. The due date given at a 9 week ultrasound was August 3rd. Later at my 20 week ultrasound I was given August 5th as the due date. I distinctively remember asking the tech if there were any changes to my due date to which she it was the same. From then on August 5th was stuck in my head.

Recently I looked at a calendar and realized the 5th was on a Friday, yet the doctor continued to mark my weeks on Wednesdays.  Doesn’t add up.  My doctor explained that they would go with the 3rd because an earlier ultrasound is more accurate while the 20 week is accurate +/- 2 weeks….so, not so accurate. Either way, does it really matter in the end. Not so much.

Anyway, back to my checkup. Things are looking good. I’m now at 1.5cm, 50% effaced, and –1 station with 100% confidence she is still head down. Not a huge change in everything but some progress is better than nothing. 

Over the weekend we had a couple of false alarms. As we were out shopping and rushing around, I kept getting contractions. About an hour into it I started timing them which seemed to scare them away. On Sunday I had about 30 minutes of contractions, 3-5 minutes apart but only lasting 20-50 seconds. I’m a bit nervous because with Katelyn, the braxtons never hurt until a couple hours into labor. With this Pickle they’ve been mildly painful for well over a month so pain doesn’t seem to be an easy indicator this time around.

With this pregnancy, I’ve been “done” for quite some time. However, I’m now holding my breath until at least Tuesday night. We’ve done some shuffling of schedules and arranged to have my parents come earlier rather than later, which I am quite relieved about.  My two biggest worries have been what to do with Katelyn and any and all complications that could occur with us having one car.  What would I do if I went to an appointment with Katelyn and was told that I needed to go directly to L&D while Devin was at work 30 minutes away without a car? Of course there are solutions but still something to worry about. Having my parents here will give us another transportation option as well as a convenient and immediate sitter for Katelyn.

Let’s just hope they actually get here before this Pickle pops.

In the event that she takes too much time to bake, we’ve been asked to think about and select a date for a c-section.  Do I hold out as long as possible, hoping for a VBAC, or call it quits out of pure convenience? Or perhaps something in between? After 30 seconds of thought I told the doctor we’d probably shoot for about 41 weeks.  And since I can pick a date this time, should we do 8/8/11 or 8/11/11? Or just whatever….?

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