Brittany’s Top 5 Cravings with Baby #2

Devin here.

I thought I’d share with everyone Brittany’s top 5 cravings she had with this last pregnancy (baby #2, also known as code named “Pickle”).

Number 5

SmartFood Popcorn
This white cheddary goodness was purchased many of times at a variety of grocery stores. Brittany can eat the whole bag in one night. Admittedly, so can I.

Number 4

While we haven’t made it out camping this summer, it’s tough to go without a good s’more every now and then.

Number 3

Ice Cream Sundaes
It’s nice to dive into a cool creamy bowl of heavenly ice cream. Even though it doesn’t get too hot here in California, we don’t have air conditioning and need a helping hand every now and then.

Number 2

Peanut Butter Cups
Surprisingly, Brittany asked for these a few times and she needed to have these on hand towards the end of the pregnancy. PS They go great with ice cream sundaes (see Number 3).

Number 1

Taco Time Crisp Bean Burrito
This craving was odd because the closest Taco Time to us is about 500 miles away so Brittany never actually got to eat one during her pregnancy. If anyone out there goes to a Taco Time soon, eat a crisp bean for the Brittster for me.

Only a few weeks left until we welcome the next little one in our family. I wonder what Brittany will be craving at the hospital?

Has anyone out there had some strange cravings during pregnancy?

One thought to “Brittany’s Top 5 Cravings with Baby #2”

  1. I love them crisp bean burritos. A lot. In fact, I hit up my local Taco Time (2 blocks away) far too often. I’ll eat one for you guys any day.

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