Abigail Page Collier

After mauling over hundreds of names, we finally buckled down and picked a name. I’m sure some people out there want to know how we came up with the name. Well, Brittany and I both wrote down a list of names that we liked. We went though each name and rated it on a scale of 1 to 10 on how much we liked the name. ┬áThen we compared lists and marked off names from each other’s lists that we just didn’t like. Once we settled on about 5 names, we looked at our new baby girl and practiced saying the name to her to see if it would fit. Nothing quite fit right. I found myself calling her Abigail for no reason. In fact, Abigail wasn’t on either one of our lists.

So, to help us decide if that was a good name, we put Abigail and two other names on the white board in our room and asked doctors and nurses to vote on the name. Our doctor loved Abigail and so did a few other nurses so we knew it was good name. Later that day, the name seemed to fit better and better into our family so we decided to go with it.

The middle name was much the same process, but we knew early on that “Page” would be Abigail’s middle name because it’s Brittany’s middle name and she’s always wanted a little girl with that would share her middle name.

Post C-Section, Doing Great!
Family "Dinner" at the Hospital
End of a long day.


She didn't like the warmer as much.
Not a bath fan.
Our first family meeting.
Right after Abigail was born.
Brittany during surgery.
Right after we got to the hospital.


Dad and munchkin hanging out on the hospital bed.


Mommy and Abby, Day 1


5 thoughts to “Abigail Page Collier”

  1. I love the last video with such tenderness spoken to each visitor followed by the less personal, “And here is Vots with his new haircut.” (Sigh, why did he even need to be here?) Oh how I miss you guys. Congratulations again. You made one good lookin’ baby.

  2. what a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl!!!! She is a doll! Congrats a million times over :) Hope your recovery goes well.

  3. adorable pictures- can’t wait to meet this newest sweet girl! Happy for you guys–miss ya. Love, AustinKatieKadenScarlettSavannah

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