Our New Baby Girl

It’s about time I tell a bit of the story. Things have been a bit busy around here. :)

Last Wednesday at 12:30am, my parents arrived after a long car drive from Houston.  After getting them settled in, we went back to bed. The next morning (still Wednesday) I continued to spend my time getting some baby things ready (washing bottles, etc.) and skipped my normal nap time. Later that night while I was visiting teaching, I thought I might be having more contractions that usual. Jokingly, as I was getting up to leave I said, “I better get home and start timing these things…”

Little did I know.

After a shower, timing of contractions, and failed attempts to sleep, we finally got up around 11:30pm and got a few last things before heading to the hospital.

Here I am sporting my tried-to-go-to-bed-with-wet-hair-been-dealing-with-contractions-for-the-last-three-hours-I-need-rest look.  This picture was taken just before midnight—about eight hours before delivery.


After settling in, my first “check” revealed that I was 4cm and 90% effaced. After a horrible IV insertion, a failed blood draw through the IV, a successful blood draw the normal way (and much less painful, I might add), and too much exhaustion latter, I gave in to an epidural.

Shortly after the epidural, my blood pressure dropped as well as my oxygen levels. In addition, they lost the baby’s heart beat for a scary moment as a few nurses rushed in and I was coached to turn from one side to the other while they established the connection once again. After that, the internal monitor was attached to baby’s head and we stopped worrying about that for the time being.

About 30 minutes later the doctor broke my water because the epidural had slowed the contractions.  Things seemed to resume to a progressive pace but around 7am they found that my body was stuck at 6-7cm.  After a discussion with the doctor, we decided to proceed with a c-section because other options like “wait and see” or adding pitocin significantly increased my chances of uterine rupture.

This was not an easy decision but in the end, the goal was of course “healthy baby, healthy mom.”

The surgery went so much better than it did with Katelyn. The anesthesiologist was great about asking me questions as to why I had a hard time during the last c-section and made it possible for me to avoid having sedatives administered during the surgery. Though technically, this alone should have made it so I was more alert but I was so exhausted that as soon as they took her away to the nursery, I closed my eyes and was mostly sleeping through the rest of the surgery.

At 8:17am on Thursday, July 28 our baby Abigail Page was born.

The first 12 hours of post operation was pretty rough. I spent three hours or more in the recovery room because my blood pressure and oxygen levels kept dropping.  This made it so I couldn’t sit up even the slightest bit which made it frustrating when I wanted to hold and nurse my baby so bad.  Eventually, I was moved to post partum and though I continued to feel nauseous and throw up for 12 hours post-op, the following days were so much easier compared to the days after surgery with Katelyn.

Daddy and Abby—one day old.


Mommy and Abby—two days old.


Katelyn “rot, rot” on the rocking chair in our room.


Abby snuggled in the hat I made for her—two days old.


Abby chilling in the hospital bassinet—three days old.


Katelyn putting on her pink sparkly shoes that Abby gave her.


Katelyn sporting her new shoes.


Daddy and Abby—three days old.


Bah-Bah and Gramps with the new family—three days old.


Our new family.


We tried the capture a moment. It was somewhat successful.


Getting ready to go home—four days old.


Next to her take-home outfit that Daddy bought for her.


Daddy dressing Abby to go home.


Just before being discharged from the hospital.




Arriving home and being greeted by Munchkin.


A few days later she was well snuggled in to her new swing.


We love both our little girls and couldn’t be happier.

2 thoughts to “Our New Baby Girl”

  1. Seriously, you look so cute especially for just having a baby. A lot of post-labor pictures are rough but you are definitely super cute!

  2. It sounds like it was a rough day for you, but I’m so happy that you and baby are doing well. The most important thing really is having a healthy mommy and baby. I love the name! Sadly I could never use it, because it just doesn’t work with “Gale” as a last name. She is so beautiful and absolutely precious! I hope that your cute family is continuing to adjust to two kids well.

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