Abby—7 months

Where does the time go? I was just checking the blog, thinking I only missed month 6 but I guess I missed 5, too. Sorry about that. I guess I thought Facebook was good enough. Just for comparison…

Abby at 5 months:


Abby at 6 months:


And now for an overall update.

Seven months old. My oh my.


This girl keeps us on our toes. Constantly. All the time. Last week she caught a bug and had a fever for four days, which seemed to hit the reset button on any progress we made with solid foods and night time sleeping. On the plus side, it kicked her into napping gear. Even after what seems to be a full recovery, she has been consistently taking at least one 2+ hour nap a day, with a usual second of 1.5+. On the down side, her and Katelyn are completely out of sync with not so much as five minutes of overlapping nap time. So I am usually tied to naps from 9am to 4pm with no time completely to myself.


About two weeks ago Abby started moving around, mastering the tummy pivot, an awkward inchworm move, and is now a determined little girl with a pretty efficient army crawl. Today she almost made it onto her hands and knees. By the end of the week, I suspect things will be completely crazy with a crawler.


Abby’s personality continues to show more every day. She is very determined and gets upset when she doesn’t get what she wants. She will scoot across the room to get to her favorite toys.  If you try to take something from her that she has, she will pull it close to her and apply her death grip. She has cried a few times when Katelyn has taken a toy from her or if I took something that she shouldn’t have. She continually goes for power cords.

Today she ventured into the tunnel for the first time.

IMG_0338  IMG_0367

In the last few days she’s attempting to babble. She’s always been a noisy one with crying and cooing. Whenever she is getting tired and we are out and about either on a walk or in the car, she will spend a few minutes singing her tired song before she falls asleep.  This is, of course, welcomed over the screaming and static radio station blasting that we used to have to endure before she passed out.


About three days ago she realized that her legs can be used for standing. No, she’s not standing on her own but she would never stand even when we held her up and supported her. Not like Katelyn who was doing that since she was about three months old. Now standing is one of Abby’s favorite things to do.


She loves, LOVES Katelyn. This is only a problem when Abby needs to sleep and all she wants to do is watch Katelyn.  Katelyn is always the one that can get her to smile and laugh. Katelyn loves to jump on her bed or in Abby’s crib with Abby laying on the mattress. There have been times when Abby sees Katelyn jumping and she gets excited and starts kicking her legs.


Katelyn loves Abby, too. There certainly are jealousy issues and sharing issues but she always wants to include her and often tries to help me with her. At times Katelyn gets a little rough with her but Abby rarely seems to mind and often enjoys the attention from her big sister.

I tried to get pictures of the two but even with bribery I couldn’t get things situated quick enough for a decent shot. But this next one if definitely my favorite with Abby pulling Katelyn’s hair. Luckily Katelyn is pretty patient when she does that.


A few other random tidbits about the Abbers:

She is not a sitter. She’s not interested in sitting on her own, or at all. Most the time she hates the Bumbo.

She loves her sippy cup but is surprised every time that water comes out when she sucks on it.

We are still working on solid foods. The bug was a setback but since then she has taken very well to a few veggies. She’s warming up to cheerios.

She is a tummy sleeper, for sure.

I’ve given up on the changing table for her. Changing her clothes or diaper is a serious wrestling match.


She hates to have her face or nose wiped.

I’ve also given up on socks for the most part. That girl kicks and rubs her feet together they never stay on.

When she is tired and content and Katelyn isn’t disturbing her, she will lay her head on my shoulder and enjoy rocking. It took Katelyn two years to get to that point.

Since I took her to the doctor last week, I might as well add that she is 15 pounds, 8 ounces.

Her eyes are still blue and her grin is still toothless.


She is generally happy but puts up a big fight when you try to get her to bed.

She is currently waking up 1-4 times a night. Still. Still. STILL.

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  1. I LOVE the pictures and update. It is so fun to hear about your two girls together. Both are so beautiful, too. I think the one where Abby is pulling Katelyn’s hair is great. I love the little smile Abby has while doing it. Hopefully their naps will coincide some time in the future. Fingers crossed for you. I get so cranky when naps don’t overlap at all.

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