Abby—8 months

Oh, our little Abby-Abbers. Here is the promised, though delayed, update.

(Click on pictures to see enlarged).


She tries my patience, that’s for sure. This girl is a little lady of long, drawn out processes. For example, Katelyn went from sitting to crawling in about three days.  Abby, on the other hand, has been army crawling for more than a month. The last update I said that I expected her to crawl by the end of the week. Ha. Just kidding.


She does get up on her hands and knees and often practices her yoga moves of downward dog and even the occasional three legged dog with one outstretched leg. And yet, no crawling. But that is in no way slowing her down. She quickly gets around the living room, through the kitchen, down the hallway and even into the bathroom with little effort.


Another process that she’s taking her time on is, of course, night time sleeping. She got sick again this month, causing plenty of setbacks. We reassessed our strategy and decided to wake her to feed her before I go to bed and then hold out until breakfast time. This has worked with some success. Still working on it.


This girl is just too much fun to tickle. We can’t resist with all the giggles and squeals that we get out of her. She also has this funny smile where she grins really big and squints her eyes but just for a second.


Feeding has become much, much easier. When solids first began, feeding sessions often took an hour to muscle through—30 minutes of solid food fighting and 30 minutes of nursing. She now eats with little problems and since she’s getting plenty of solid food, nursing is back to a normal length of time. She has mastered cheerios and has become my little cheerio vacuum. There isn’t a baby food that she won’t eat, though some she is more enthusiastic about eating than others. She needs more practice with cheerios before she can step it up to more soft foods.


And some random tidbits:

Her babbling is so fun to listen to especially since Katelyn really didn’t babble much.


She loves the vacuum. It startles her every time I turn it on but she follows it around the room as I vacuum and often goes to inspect if after I turn it off.


She loves looking at her reflection. She will press her face right up to her play mirror. One day she was playing with her reflection on the the kitchen aide bowl and another time on my phone, leaning in close to it.

During her latest sickness she was on the verge of loosing her voice for a few days. We started calling her Skuttle after the seagull on The Little Mermaid.

I still have a hard time keeping socks on her except for now it’s because she pulls them off so she can chew on them.


She finally sits, and like a pro! It just finally clicked that if she didn’t kick and arch her back she could enjoy it.

Her fingernails grow like weeds and are razor sharp. This is probably the case with many babies but Abby likes to claw at your face. Not just grab with cute little fingers, but claw.

She is a curious one and definitely a a go-getter. If Katelyn leaves a sippy cup or snack on the floor I have a whole 2.5 seconds before Abby has booked it across the room and has a death grip on it. IMG_0470

Changing her diaper or clothes is completely frustrating. She rolls, kicks, grabs…anything. It is a serious wrestling match. I hate jammies that button because of this child.

Some of the many names we call her are Abby, Abigail, Abber(s), Abby-Abber(s), Abba-do, Abby-do, and Sissy.

She is giving Katelyn a run for her money when it comes to showing excitement when Devin comes home. When she realizes what is going on, she will start heading for the door to see him.

We still have a gummy grin. No teeth yet.

Her hair is getting thicker and longer. And now we enter the awkward hair stage.

Another fun stage—the paper eating stage.

Right now she is mostly in 6-month clothes with a few 9-month.


And there you have it. Our troublemaker in a nutshell.

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