The art of Relocation

It was a long road getting here, in more ways than one. We’d been working on the idea for nearly a year. I can’t even count how many moments of excitement, then disappointment, then pure insanity we went through. It wasn’t until about two weeks before we left that everything finally came together and it seemed we finally hit the “100% chance” mark. It was only after that when we actually started packing up our apartment and readying things for storage or a trip across the pond, as it were.
In the few days before leaving we felt extremely fortunate to have friends who invited us for dinners, brought us dinners, and watched the girls, among other things. The help and offers for help were incredible!
The final day of departure was a bit overwhelming. We finished packing the apartment, packed (and re-packed) our bags, made arrangements to drop off the car for storage, and then left the cleaning to the professionals. Thank. Good. Ness.
Arriving at the airport in what seemed to be plenty of time, we first set out to get better seating arrangements. As in, next to each other. Before we knew it, it was time to board and take a seat in our recently secured bulkhead seats. There are definite perks to traveling with a baby.
Before we even took off Katelyn got restless. The iPhone saved the day. About an hour or so into it, she was asleep and we laid her on the floor Abby took a little longer and wasn’t always a fan of the bassinet but in the end everyone got some rest.



5 thoughts to “The art of Relocation”

  1. Silly phone, let me finish that :) I love the second pic of the girls sleeping – they’re soooo cute!!! We miss u

  2. You guys but are so glad things are going well. One day, maybe I’ll learn to post a comment using my phone…not to mention a whole bl

  3. I think I missed something. Where are you guys, exactly? How long are you staying? Sounds really cool.

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