The details

I suppose making the announcement exclusively via Facebook wasn’t quite enough. So, here are the specs.

We are in London. West London, in a spiffy little place called Ealing. Devin is on his last of four rotations before he decides/applies for a permanent team at Apple. The assignment is for six months and we have plans to be back in CA in mid-December.

We have a lovely two bedroom “flat” with one and 3/4 bathrooms. It’s in a great location near bus stops and a comfortable walk to plenty of shopping. There are a couple parks near by as well. One of the things we forgot to research when looking for a place to live was the location of fire and police departments. For safety sake we decided to get a place a few doors down from both. For sanity’s sake, we forgot to get a place much, much further from both. On the up side, the girls love watching and listening to the emergency vehicles speed by.

I guess I need to get taking some pictures so I can share some more.

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