This place has a lot going for it

With the little I’ve seen of this country, they seem to have a few things figured out that the US just doesn’t. Some seem to be general European things. Like their genius idea to instal shower heads on a hose with accompanying adjustable height mounting. Pure genius. For years devin and I have had a shower head with a hose that we install in any apartment we live in. Best investment ever. Sure beats cleaning the shower/bath with a pitcher or cup.


Another good idea, in theory, is the two options for flushing the toilet. Though the water saver one seems pretty useless to me. But, there are other issues with the toilets, which details I will spare you of.

Another good idea is the somewhat complicated functionality of the door/window. Some have the option to be tilted open or to fully swing open. No matter, the lack of screens is a slight deal breaker for me.

The towel warmer I thought would be wonderful. In actuality, I’ve yet to use it to warm anything and it’s lacking when it comes to hanging more than one towel.

I can’t decide wether the switches for the outlets are useful, safer, or just annoying.


I’m sure there will be plenty more to rave or complain about.

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