The things #2 gets away with

Have I mentioned this girl keeps us on our toes?


We are soon to hit her first birthday. FIRST BIRTHDAY. Weird.
It’s funny to me how much more relaxed I am with Abby compared to katelyn as a baby. I remember when we traveled with katelyn there were so many eating and sleeping ideas that went out the window just because of necessity. Things we needed/wanted just didn’t exist in many of the countries we visited. Right now, Abby and our situation present a few different challenges. As a result, the idea of waiting a few days in between introducing new foods has essentially never happened. Out of desperation, some curiosity with the occasional assistance of the older sister, this child has tried loads of food I’d never before dreamed of even offering my baby. Such as the above pictured croissant and allowing the accompanying mess. But how could I deprive my child of world class pastries? She enjoyed her treat. On the flip side, she doesn’t care at all for ice cream. She baffles me.

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