Potty training 102

I am reluctantly about to embark on our second course of potty training. Around May we made some serious attempts with some serious progress. Katelyn got to the point where she was dry for several days in a row. Clean was an entirely different story. After two straight weeks in undies and two straight weeks of cleaning messy undies, I threw in the towel when we found out London was a go and sooner than expected.
This week I got K a step stool and today we should receive a new potty seat in the mail.
But I’m still nervous. If anything she has back tracked with #2 as she no longer tells us after she goes.
I still have yet to figure out the usability of public restrooms and what to do when we go on long day trips to the city and a few upcoming weekend trips. Everything I read says don’t do training right before a trip, a move or any other such event. This makes me want to wait until we’ve settled back into California. We are inching our way towards potty training at three and a half. Embarrassing.




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  1. You are not alone. We fought Grant to potty train at the same age. At almost four, Collin just refused to wear his diapers and was instantly potty trained. Every kid is different. Also, anyone who tells you potty training was easy is a jerk.

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