Just hanging around town

Most days I try to get outside at least once. This can be a challenge when naps and meals keeps us home nearly every minute between 9 and 4. Some days we make it to a store either out of necessity or boredom. Other days i make it short as to keep a schedule, avoid meltdowns or limit the hot mid-day sun exposure. The other day we came across some hydrangeas in full bloom.

Today there was a bit of excitement around town in anticipation of the Olympic torch coming through and a celebration in the park after.

As we headed back in I noticed these signs post a over the covered parking stalls.


The unit of measurement made me laugh. Apparently people around here know the height of things down to the millimeter.

One thought to “Just hanging around town”

  1. I completely understand the being stuck in the house all day situation. I also try to get out at least once, which is usually in the morning due to the hot weather here in Arkansas. I’m excited about your adventure in England. Have fun there!

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