Longing for Walmart

There are countless times during any given shopping excursion to Walmart that I walk the aisles thinking, sometimes saying, “I hate Walmart”. Numerous times I’ve gotten into my car after yet another horrible Walmart experience thinking, “that’s it! I’m never coming here again!” Fortunately where we lived in CA we were very close to a nice, big and new Target. That made my Walmart detox much easier. It’s much nicer leaving a store thinking “what’s better than this place?” rather than “there couldn’t possibly be anything worse.”.
Well folks, we found it. We found a store worse than Walmart.
ASDA–one of the many grocery/supermarket stores that will deliver food, toiletries and other home goods to your door for a reasonable or even free if you meet the minimum purchase requirements. We went with ASDA because they had a few things others didn’t.
We placed the order and selected a delivery date and two hour delivery window. Not knowing the exact logistics of the delivering process, we picked a time in the evening when Devin would be home, 7-9pm. When 9:30 rolled around we called customer service who told us they would be an hour late. NBD, right? We stayed up until 11:30 and still didn’t have our groceries.
After some “this is this, and that is that” with customer service we decided just to cancel the order. We went with another store and the order came with zero complications.
A few days later we were still in need of
some things that ASDA offered so we took another stab at it. Delivery time was set for Monday between 6 and 8.
Nothing. No call. No email. Zero.
Until around 10:30pm when they called a few times but Devin was at a movie.
Next morning customer service called and rescheduled for 2-4 that day (Tuesday). 4:30 the delivery man shows up with half the order and some items damaged or spoiled. We decide to accept it anyway.
Customer service arranged for the missing/damaged items to be delivered on Wednesday, of course without apology.
Today is Thursday. We are still missing cake mix, food coloring….ahem, pardon me, colouring, and birthday candles, among other things. Not that I can’t just go to any store but who wants to do that?! I want my dang order!
And there you have it. A store worse than Walmart.

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