I changed my mind–I love ASDA

ASDA kindly arranged for yet another re-delivery scheduled for today, Thursday, at 4:30pm. They were so kind to arrive at 6:30pm with about 80% of the original missing/damaged items.
But I decided to look past that. We scored big. Check out the description of our cupcake mix.


Did you catch it? We get “hundreds and thousands”!!! Of what, it doesn’t say but I’m sure it’s worth hundreds and thousands. And don’t forget the missing “.” too. The back of the box was just as fun to read. Maybe it’s just the English around here but something tells me it has something more to do with ASDA.


One thought to “I changed my mind–I love ASDA”

  1. My favorite part is that they have given you the cupcake mix instructions “as a guide only.”

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