Fall has arrived

You’d think with all the rain around here we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between summer and fall. However, it seems like it’s cooled dramatically. (Is 20 degrees enough to be dramatic?)
Over the summer I didn’t mind the rain, loved it actually. It was perfect sweatshirt weather when walking around town. But now, the layers are increasing.
Yesterday we took advantage of the rain and walked around town, sporting our wellies. Katelyn enjoyed puddle jumping, or “puzzle jumping” as she calls it.

On Sunday we scored the dumpster find of a life time.
A toy stroller. With a minor repair and some anti-germ wipes, the girls were in love.

Earlier today we went to the local ceramics cafe to pick up our painting projects from a few weeks ago. Katelyn wanted to take Pooh Bear for a stroller ride.


And that she did, all the way there and back.

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