Downton Abbey Fan?

How can you not be?

So confession time…

We may have really wanted to come to London just because of Downton Abbey.

At the end of August we headed to Highclere Castle where much of the scenes are filmed. We had our fingers crossed that we could get in because pre-sales tickets were sold out.

Though walking through the actual castle took a long time and was crowded, it was one of our favorite outings.


Once we were able to walk around the grounds, the girls loved it, too.  Give them some grassy hills and they’ll be happy for hours.



It isn’t often that we get a genuine snuggle from these girls so when we do, we have to take a picture.


She loves her daddy, too.


One thought to “Downton Abbey Fan?”

  1. Ok, I’m so jealous. Was it as gorgeous without pretty people walking around in pretty turn-of-the-century clothes?
    Glad to hear you guys are doing good. Your girls are as cute as ever!

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