Christmas as a four-year-old

Christmas time just seems to get better every year when you have kids. Last year was fun when both girls understood the concept of gifts. The idea of Santa was still odd to them, especially after their strange encounter with him at our ward Christmas party. But this year has been different. Katelyn understands the concept of time so counting down the days until Christmas is something she looks forward to everyday. The girls have seemed to settle into their own version of a Christmas lights game which often results in a quiet argument of “I saw it first.”

Favorites this year are going for walks at night to see lights, playing with any reachable tree ornaments, rearranging gifts under the tree, and daily advent calendars. With little encouragement, Katelyn is excited about Santa. She wrote him a letter telling him she wants Hungry Hippos for Christmas.

Since she was so excited about it we let her put a stamp on it and mail it.


During the last week or so I’ve been telling her how one of Santa’s helpers would be at our wars Christmas party and she would have the chance to remind him what she wanted. On the way to the party last night we told
Katelyn and Abby that he would be there and they could sit on his lap and remind him. But they had to speak loud so old Santa could hear.

They were both so excited. Even at the party they wanted to go stand in line to see him. This was great but in reality I knew that they’d likely get scared and shy and not even want to stand near him.
And yet…



We had success! Katelyn would only nod in agreement when we told Santa what she wanted but Abby spoke up to let him know she wanted a Tummy Stuffer. Katelyn was still shy but dang, we made some major progress with this one.

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