Get away while we still can

You’ve heard of a baby moon, right? A relaxing vacation before your world is turned up-side-down by a thing the size of a cat…
Well the girls are at such a fun age we just wanted to do something special with them before their world is rocked, too.
So we took a five day trip to Anaheim–the land of amusement parks, hotels and more mouse ears than any normal human can handle.
The ride down was surprising beautiful and we enjoyed every moment as the rain poured as we drove.
We spent our first day at an aquarium where much of our time was spent at the shark and jellyfish touch pools, looking for Dory and Nemo and getting as wet as possible from the play water features.




2 thoughts to “Get away while we still can”

  1. Lucky ducks. Do you know what you are having? I like how you have all girls and Cari-Ann has all boys. Can you keep that streak going?

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