Let my see

This is our favorite phrase Katelyn says at the moment. She often says my instead of me.


Out littlest Munchkin is nearly four and a half. Since starting preschool last fall she has become her own little self. She’s a shy one and even those who know her well still may have not heard her talk.

She goes to school three days a week. Nearly every time it’s a struggle to drop her off. But, when I pick her up she is ten times happier than the days she doesn’t have school.

I don’t know for sure how much she participates at school. On days they do some sort of activity or performance for the parents she barely participates, if at all. Certainly frustrating for me but she seems to be getting something from it.

Just a few short weeks after starting school Katelyn became quite the talker at home. It’s amazing to see this fun change in her. Don’t get me wrong though. She still won’t talk to me 50% of the time and 99% of the time she won’t even look at another adult. Baby steps.

This girl recently shocked the socks off us during our trip to Disneyland. She’s always loved rides but when we went to Disneyland a year and a half ago, she didn’t like the small hills on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. This time around she screamed at the top of her lungs like a seasoned roller coaster rider and said she loved it. So Devin took her on Splash Mountain and she loved that, too! She went on that three times and even Space Mountain twice. Who is this child?!

I couldn’t possibly give you an update on katelyn without including her latest obsession–Frozen. On a whim Devin took her to see it during Christmas time and she loved it. Thanks to YouTube she watched songs, clips, toy reviews, and related craft tutorials over and over again. I broke down and made the girls dresses. I didn’t anticipate they would wear them everyday and should have picked more durable, easier care fabric. Live and learn.

In other news, we are finally making progress in keeping Munch in her bed at night. After nearly two years of sharing our bed with a teeth grinding fireball, we decided to get a twin mattress. This way we could lay, even sleep, with her in her bed. It’s worked well. At least every other night she doesn’t even come into our room. The other times she’s usually up once but content to be taken back to her bed. It’s lovely.

And since I’m still figuring out the app changes, you now get the rest of the pics I want to share. (Is there an easy way to insert them instead of just having them at the top or bottom? Gah, it wasn’t broken to begin with.)




In a nutshell, she is still obsessed with blue, completely loyal to her original Pooh Bear, an excellent big sis and always our little Munchkin.

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