Meanwhile…baby-mama drama

A slight bump in the road with the vacation post…waiting on pics.

So I’ll give you an update on all the baby drama.

Of my three pregnancies, this one definitely takes the cake. Though all complications seem to have been minor, there have been many. Too many, if you ask me.

Nausea was a peach this time around. By around week 10 I couldn’t take it anymore and asked for meds from the doc. They worked great…for the nausea. They also made me very sleepy so after about two weeks I gave up on that and resumed throwing up for a few more weeks.

Just before I hit trimester number two, I had some bleeding. Assured that it was somewhat common, I was sent home with a few ultrasound pics, suggestions to take it easy, and warning of an elevated but not high risk for miscarriage. Oh, and of course the standard jab for us lucky rH negative blood typers.

Nothing else came of that episode so it was business as usual a few weeks later.

Fast forward to 29 weeks we hit a bummer of a time. First, I had a wonderful experience at my checkup where I was moments away from passing out during a blood draw for the glucose test. Later that day, I suddenly had severe back pain. I’ve had issues for about 10 years but it had been that long since it was this severe. I couldn’t get up on my own. I crawled across the floor and up and down the stairs. I could barely move. Fortunately a friend stopped by and rescued me from my mothering duties by entertaining and feeding my girls after which she put Abby down for her nap and then took Katelyn for the afternoon.

Devin worked from home the next few days. I headed to the chiropractor, though I didn’t have much confidence in getting relief from the type of disk/nerve pain I had.

The next day I visited the chiropractor again. While the massage therapist was working on me, I started to have a hard time breathing (an issue I have throughout all my pregnancies). I told the MT that I needed to move from laying on my stomach to my side. She raised the table upright so I could move but that made me instantly feel faint and I couldn’t stand. She moved me to a chair and before I knew it the chiropractor, a nurse, and the clinic director/head doctor had me back on the table checking my vitals and asking questions. They said I passed out but I don’t think I was completely out. It was awesome.

That was a Friday. By late Saturday my back was significantly better. By Monday I was doing 99% of my regular doings. Thank goodness because when Tuesday evening rolled around, we got the icing on the cake.

I was sitting at a Relief Society activity, listening to the lesson when I suddenly had contractions. After ten minutes there were seven contractions. Some friends had me put my feet up and drink water but they kept coming. I headed home in a panic. After 45 minutes I had counted 16 contractions. We made arrangements for friends to take care of the girls and rushed to the hospital.

After fluids, antibiotics for a possible UTI, a jab and pill, and a long overnight stay, the contractions stopped and I was sent home with another “take it easy” order.

Since that time, I’ve had three more episodes of contractions with no apparent cause or threat of actual labor.

I’ve mentally prepared myself to be ready to go to the hospital for monitoring when the next contractions hit. Not looking forward to it.

Clearly I am done with this pregnancy. I know others have it much tougher but that doesn’t make it any easier on me.

The good news is I have no more than three weeks and a day to wait. Delivery is scheduled for April 17. It’s exciting, however I’m completely unsettled as I have always suspected baby brother will make a dramatic and early appearance.

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  1. I’m so sorry! My third pregnancy wasn’t my worst for nausea, but I did have many other problems that I didn’t have with the first two. However, you have definitely had it worse than me. I wish I lived close so that I could help out. I’m glad you seem to have good friends who are willing to help. I look forward to the pictures of your baby boy whenever he does arrive. Hang in there!

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