Movin’ on up

Welp, it’s official. We are moving. We’ve been looking to rent a duplex or house for some time now. Prices are ca-razy. The small two bedroom we lived in when first moving here is now renting for nearly $1000 more a month than what we paid. $1000 more! People don’t even pay $1000 for their mortgage, nonetheless rent, in other parts of the country.

We found a four bed, two bath house in Fremont that is 90% perfect. Prices are more affordable there. The weather is slightly cooler. It’s in a good school district, has plenty of shopping, and is near a shuttle stop for Devin’s work. We wish the small backyard had grass instead of mulch but our landlord said we could put in grass. It has fruit trees and plenty of space for gardening.

What are we most excited for? The brand new kitchen and the spacious area for our kitchen table. No more eating on the couch. No more shuffling the furniture. We can all sit at the table comfortably together. We can have guests! Oh, the possibilities when you simply have a place to eat.

I am sad, however, to be moving away from the friends we’ve made during our time in Sunnyvale. There just comes a time when you need to move out to move up. Everyone will do it eventually. The bonus is we will only be 20 minutes from a visit.

2 thoughts to “Movin’ on up”

  1. Nooooo don’t leave! Well, I guess when you put it that way (bigger house, more space, new kitchen, garden space, backyard…)……..

    I was hoping when you made the announcement in Sacrament Meeting that it would be the first testimony you bore NOT related to pregnancy and moving? No such luck.


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