She is a champion, my friends

This stubborn gal has avoided potty training like a pro. She wouldn’t even think twice about it, even with all the bribes.


To add to the fun, she started fighting and refusing diaper changes. On a regular basis I reminded myself not to stress about it. Though diapers are a good chunk of change, they can be pretty dang convenient. But since even diapers were a major struggle, we needed some progress towards potty training.

She used to tell me when she pooped but then she started to fully avoid me. So one day I asked her if she had something to tell me (after doing her business). She said no, but I gently pushed her and she ended up telling me. I immediately gave her a sticker for her sticker chart. (More on that another time).

The next day, like sooo many before, I asked if she wanted to wear undies. We haven’t looked back since. She had two accidents on day one, two on day two, and one on day three. Then she was accident free for five days, only to be interrupted by moving shenanigans on day six.

Aside from the occasional post-business cleanup, she is completely on her own. She knows when she needs to go and goes. She won’t go if I ask her, which can be frustrating. On the other hand, I don’t have to hound her to go. She gets on and off the toilet completely on her own–no stool and no potty seat. Being so hands-off for me has been a huge blessing.

I am so proud of this chick who has now earned her big girl car seat, big girl bed, enough money to finally buy her Anna doll, and the right to be called a big girl.


2 thoughts to “She is a champion, my friends”

  1. Fantastic! She went while I was gone; Katelyn helped a bit. I wasn’t even aware until I happened to look down the hall! ;)

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