Missing great friends

Just a few weeks before our Utah trip, our good friends, the Hurds, made an unexpected move to Provo. We are all bummed about that but we are so glad we got to spend time with them during our trip.

Abby always says that Phoebe is her best friend. Lucky for here they were able to come to her birthday party.


Later that night we went to spend more time with them. The girls both passed out on the way there so they spent most of the time sleeping.

That’s what happens with a 6am flight.


One thought to “Missing great friends”

  1. It was great to see you guys. Thanks for taking the time for us in spite of your tired kiddos :) You are awesome. I feel like every time we see you guys. Sterling and I comment to each other about how much we like you. Let’s keep in touch!

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