One year…


So I’m sure you all know the counsel–have/get your one year supply.  Many times we hear "food storage" or "food supply."  But what about all the other stuff that you need besides food?  Oh, yeah…the toiletries.  You know, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, etc., etc.

A while ago I was on one of those Wal-Mart trips where you end up buying more than you need.  (wait, isn’t that every Wal-Mart trip?…anyway…) I was doing my normal toiletries  run–grabbing a stick of deodorant, a can of shave gel, a bottle of lotion, etc., when I glanced at the "girl" aisle and thought to myself, "oh, yeah.  I could probably use some of those soon. If not, I’ll just stock up."


Oh yeah, back to the one year thing.  So don’t you hate it when you buy something to stock pile and then a few weeks later you realize that there is no way you will or even could use the stuff you bought?  Even in a year’s time?! 

Yeah, I’ll just have to hold onto these for a while.

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