What bugs me…

about American Idol.

1. Top 36 finalist.  What the heck?!  12 is even too many.

2. The new “save” rule. Hey, if you’re out, you’re out. Besides if you are really that good and you get kicked off, you’re probably better off because you’ll do well and won’t have to pay royalties to Simon.

3. The new judge.  I don’t have anything against Kara.  The problem is there is too much talky talky when all I care about is what Simon thought. Get on with it already.

4. Rotating the order of the judges’ comments.  I guess this is fair, but that’s not how it is done.

5. Really crappy lip syncing group performances.  Does this sound like anyone in the group?  I don’t think so.

6. The over-crowding of look alike’s. Behold, I present Adam–AKA “Uncle Jesse”


And then there is Jasmine.  But not just any Jasmine.  It’s Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin.

image    image

And I always thought that the female Disney characters weren’t realistic.

7.  Men in makeup. Just look at Uncle Jesse, I mean Adam. I’m pretty sure he wears more eye liner than any girl on there.

8.   American Idol has become a “So You Think You Can Dance” wannabe. I’m too lazy to look for a clip, but I’m sure you know what I am talking about when they have these dance breaks that the contestants do every now and then.

9.  Megan’s fake girl parts in her last performance. I couldn’t find a picture but that’s probably a good thing.

10. Megan’s “dancing.”  Time to learn a new move.

I think that’s it for now.

2 thoughts to “What bugs me…”

  1. The thing that is bugging me the most about this season is the banter/flirting between paula and simon. Normally I like simon but the distracting and annoying chit chat is driving me nuts!

    I really love Adam though. I don’t exactly know why, but I do. I actually voted for him last week and I never vote.

  2. Hey! (By the way, I’m Professor LeBaron’s daughter.) I love your blog! So cute! And I totally agree on your views of American Idol. It’s basically the only TV I watch (I can’t miss an episode!) but I agree that there are some serious things wrong with it :) No offense to her, but I personally would just throw Paula out. Sorry! Haha, thanks for sharing :)

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