It’s a girl!

OK so maybe we were told this already but our minds have been put from 80% at ease closer to 100%. I say closer because no one will ever tell you they are 100% sure thanks to the wonderful world of lawyers.

Yesterday we found out that we could get a gender check ultrasound from a reliable source for $30. No, we did not go to the mall. Later I was looking online and independent, just-for-fun, not-for-medical-reasons, type of places seemed to start around $50. Plus, I’ve heard too many stories about their reliability and they are severely cautioned by most doctors. We ended up going to the imaging clinic that the BYU Health Center uses for all their ultrasounds.

So after a quick visit with the ultrasound tech this morning, she confirmed that we are, in fact, having a girl.  She also said that the baby was bottom down which means that she turned since yesterday’s doctors visit. That has actually been nice because I haven’t had a foot in my rib like I have the majority of time over the past couple of weeks.  But eventually she’ll have to turn back, head down.  Or else.

Like I said, yesterday I had a doctors appointment.  My 32 week checkup. I met yet another doctor. The office that I am going through has a six doctor rotation. It’s good in that I will have the chance to meet the doctor who will deliver me, no matter what. It’s bad in that I have to get to know six doctors in a very short amount of time since I was in California all summer. So far I’ve met three but this last one I didn’t really care for. We’ll see how the other three are down the road.

So updates from my appointment:

  • baby is growing at a perfect rate
  • blood pressure is good
  • baby was head down
  • I lost a pound!

OK, so I know I shouldn’t really be celebrating losing the pound as I technically should have gained two over the past two weeks. But the doctor didn’t say anything so I’m guessing it’s not too much of a concern. I’m guessing that it’s mostly water weight as I know I haven’t been drinking quite enough water over the last week or so. But it’s all good because I promptly went to Taco Time right after my appointment.

In other news, we were rudely awakened by our fire alarms at 1:30am, 1:50am, 3:00am, and 6:00am last night/this morning. Fortunately, they only beeped for about five seconds. Unfortunately, they are all connected so if one goes off, they all start going off.  Also unfortunately, the one that we think was the problem was the one way, way up on the vaulted ceiling in the loft so we couldn’t get to it last night. I called our landlords around 9:30 this morning and oddly enough they’ve never had problems with them. At 6pm we are still waiting to hear what they are planning to do about it. But forget that! We already got a ladder and ripped that thing out for now.

PS–If our baby cries loudly and suddenly like a fire alarm, we are all screwed.

2 thoughts to “It’s a girl!”

  1. OMH!!! I am sooo excited for you guys!!! Hurray!! Now you know for sure! What a relief! that is so great! as for the second part…hmmm- I’m not sure how to comment on this because I don’t want to sound like a debbie downer…it’s just that babies and smoke alarms have a lot of similairities- but then you are a lot calmer than I am, so you’re prob going to be just fine!!

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