What is with Utah food?!

So it looks like we canceled Utahfoodreviews.com a little too soon because our good old stand-by faves seem to have gone down hill.

There is Taco Time which has always been one of my favorite places to eat, even in Washington. But it seems like the one in north Provo forgot they are a “fast food” place. They are sooooo slow! I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said it takes 10 minutes to get a soft burrito through the drive thru.  Ok, maybe I’d be exaggerating but not by much.  And this has happened every time we’ve been there (which unfortunately isn’t just a few) since we’ve been back.  Something has gone wrong there and it’s obvious. So we’ve started to favor the one in south Provo. It’s actually closer to our place so if we are heading just to Taco Time and nowhere else, we go there. Much faster.

Then there is Smokehouse BBQ.  We’ve been fans of this place for a few years now and even though they have raised their prices several times, we’ve been loyal (somewhat). But they bit the dust in more ways than one. First off there used to be three locations: Provo, Springville, and Orem.  About a year ago or so they closed the Springville location. When we got back after the summer we noticed the Provo location was closed. Last night we decided to go to the lone Orem location for our favorite beef brisket sandwich.  The prices went up, yet again.  We used to pay something like $5.29 for a meal and now it is $7.29. When we saw that we decided it’d probably be one of our last times because it’s just not worth the cost (not to mention you have to add a tip on top of that).

Anyway, so we ordered our meal and as usual asked for the meat on the side instead of on the roll to avoid a soggy bun. When we got our food the server told us that we didn’t have to worry about that anymore because the “new management” (aka new owners) changed how it was done so it’s not soaking in what she called “water.” Well, come to find out what she called “water” was what we called “juice” which made the meat….well, juicy. We didn’t like the new recipe one bit.  The meat was dry, wasn’t sandwich friendly (came in chunks about four inches long instead of bit size pieces), and tasted completely different. Somewhere along the line they thought it would be a good idea to change something and to me, that something tastes like pork or bacon. The only think that I like tasting like bacon is bacon.  Don’t add it to my brisket. Don’t add it to my refried beans. That’s nasty!

On top of that, we had another winner server. I’d say she was good but once again what ruined the entire thing is when she didn’t say a word about the huge pile of meat on my plate that remained untouched. Yes, the mac and cheese is still my favorite but that’s not enough to get me to come back.

Smokehouse = no go.

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  1. What the freak Brit! How am I suppose to keep up with your furious blog posting! It is really fun to read though… you crack me up with the witty sassiness. I wish you lived here! I need support and I would love to be supporting you during these last few craptastic months of feeling like you are sooo done with pregnancy…I miss you guys…

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