A Baby Update

Seems like it’s time to give you an update on the baby stuff. Yesterday I had my 34 week checkup and things went mostly well. Baby is head down (for now) and just as I suspected I have feet in my ribs….not my favorite. My weight has been holding steady for the past 6 weeks.  I guess there is an up side to this heat–you don’t feel like stuffing yourself as much.  Baby is growing at a normal rate and heart rate for her is still in the 140s (that’s normal BTW).

The only bad part is my blood pressure was up a little but not enough for the nurse or doctor to think anything of it until I said something. It’s been around 110/70 the entire time but this checkup it was 130/70.  The doctor said it was still in the normal range and there is nothing to worry about but since there was a change and I was concerned about it, he had me schedule my next appointment in one week instead of two like normal.  So from now on I’ll have my checkups every week until the end. But at the next appointment all the fun starts–internal exams. Great….


Also in baby news, we started our childbirth education classes last week.  First we had a one session class on breathing and relaxation techniques.  I liked that one and we felt like we got some good ideas on what might work for me.  It also helped that Devin knew the nurse who was teaching the class.  She’s backyard neighbors with his parents and he grew up with a few of her kids. It just made our first class a little more comfortable. I felt like she did a really good job at explaining things and offering suggestions.

The next day we started our four-week prenatal class. I was less impressed with that nurse because she wasn’t able to answer a lot of the questions that people asked.  What’s even more frustrating is that there were a few things that she acted like the situation or symptom someone asked about was totally unusual and yet I found information about it in the manual she was teaching from.  I hope we are not being given false info…we’ll see how it goes again tonight.

Other than that, my mother-in-law Robin and sister-in-law Katie have been planning a baby shower for me, which is really nice of them. If you are in the area and would like an invite, let me know. I never know who to invite to these things anyway.

And here is a picture of me a couple weeks ago in our new place. This is the living room. Now we have a love seat so the room doesn’t look as empty.  It’s getting there…


3 thoughts to “A Baby Update”

  1. Your looking great! I hope you don’t get preclampsia. It’s awful. Have a good time at your shower.

  2. Your house looks soo cute! And also I HATE how skinny you freaking are! Who is pregnant and skinny…blah! You are turning into a pointy shoe girl! =) (I love you!)

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