Here she is!


Katelyn Eliska Collier



Born October 10, 2009 at 4:22 AM

6 lbs, 3 oz

18.5 inches


And some more adorable pictures of her in the take-home outfit that Devin bought for her. These were taken after we got home from the hospital on Tuesday the 13th.  



And this is her snuggling (sort of) with the Pooh that Gramps bought for her.


8 thoughts to “Here she is!”

  1. I just want to squish her! She is so dang cute. Love the pooh bear. It looks so clean and the tag is still on.

  2. ADORABLE!!! We love her so much and we’re so glad she came here to join our family! What an angel :-)

  3. So stinkin adorable! I love how itty bitty she is. And how scary that you had to have a c section, that was my worst fear. You totally did it though, brave girl!

  4. Oh my gosh. She is so dang cute. She looks so cuddly. And so awake! I swear my babies just slept the first week they were born. Congrats again, she is great

  5. OMG!!! I can’t believe how beautiful and tiny!!! I told Austin we MUST buy a plane ticket right now to come hold her!!! Oh please can I hold her!!?? This is soooo not fair for you guys to not live here right now!!! Grr!! I guess I can’t be too mad after you made something so adorable though…=)

  6. Grandkids are great!!! And we haven’t broken the mold yet. Us Collier’s make some of the cutest babies ever!!!! Not that I’m biased in any way…….

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