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I was recently reading the August Ensign when I came to the article called “Act Upon This Land as for Years.”

In this neck of the woods, folks like us don’t know what the plan is. Five year plan? “Yeah, I plan to stick it out in this lovely two bedroom apartment with my six kids” said no one ever. Instead we sit at the park in 75 degree weather for nine months of the year, dreaming about a house.


Anyway, I like this article because it puts an emphasis on experiencing your life as it is. Not that you should just let life take its course, but that you can make the most and best of it no matter what’s going on.

We’ve been in California for about four years now and I don’t feel like I’ve experienced much.  We tend to do the same handful of things because predicability is easier with small kiddos. (Not to mention adventure is hard work with those kiddos…)

But Friday I decided to experience something. So, I loaded up the three munchkins and we went to Fremont Street Eats.  With their narrow food preferences and my current non-dairy diet (yes, again), dinner ended up being bubblegum ice cream and chips for the girls and a watering mouth for me.


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  1. All of this is awesome. That article is great! Thanks for linking it. If you thought you were bad at doing things, then we are the worst over here. Xo

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