Breaking through

Simply put, TK has been amazing for Katelyn. Every day I get a little more out of her about what she did at school. There seems to be progress in the social realm as she occasionally tells me about new friends she makes. One day I asked her to tell me something about her new friend Emma.

“I like her eyes.”

Ok then.

Her progress is spilling over into daily life as well. For the first time…EVER…she answered a cashier when he asked her how old she is.

It’s the small things.

Today she came home with a book and pencil in her backpack. She’s a little confused about the details on how she got it but I’m guessing she won a coloring contest. The prize was $5 to spend at the book fair.

That girl loves to color. She needs new crayons because she has used up some of her favorite colors. Have you ever used up a crayon from start to finish?!

And PS: her teacher got her to look at the camera and sorta smile. She deserves a raise.


One thought to “Breaking through”

  1. Bahaha I can just see you writing this. “I like her eyes.” Okay then. Lol I love it. Go Katelyn!

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