Last Sunday we had a little dinner party with the fam (Eric and Cari-Ann, Bryan and Tara, Tara’s sister Kiersta and her husband Ryan, Tara’s brother Robert, and everyone’s kids). For desert I decided to finally make this recipe that I’ve been wanting to try for the last year or so. We saw it on America’s Test Kitchen. That is one of our favorite shows! This cake was recently on a rerun so it reminded me that I needed to try it. It turned out pretty good. Instead of just regular sweetened whipped cream, you whip it with some cream cheese. That was the best part. And here is a picture of the work in progress.

In case you have not noticed we kind of like food.

Out of sight, out of mind

I couldn’t think of something to blog about. So Devin said, just take the camera and find something around to write about. So, here is the view we have from our bed at my parents house.

Notice anything? Well, besides the oddly placed picture that is hanging between the shelves. That was just my mom making use of an already placed nail. Look closely at the shelves. That’s right. They do not match. The one on the left is a cherry finish and the one on the right is walnut. It’s enough to drive ya crazy! So which one of these doesn’t belong? Well, that brings me to the next subject. The dresser.

Here we have the dresser or “chest of drawers.” My parents have had it as long as I can remember. But, since they now have a nice big walk-in closet, they decided to put it in the guest bedroom. As you can see, it has a nice cherry finish. So I guess that walnut shelf is the odd man out. But wait! What’s that? Oh yes.

Looks like my mom forgot to tell my dad which way to put the handle when it fell off. But hey, it adds a little character, don’t ya think? I guess if you don’t have to stare at it every day like I do, it doesn’t really matter, right?


So today I sit at home waiting for a not-so-friendly stomach flu to pass. Fun. So far today I have managed to keep down two glasses of ginger ale and five pieces of my favorite hard candy, Altoids Tangerine Sours. (Wait for it….ok, six!…knock on wood).

I decided not to write any reviews for our food blog today since that tends to either make me really hungry or make me hate food for the moment. Oh what the heck! Let’s get hungry. Yesterday, Devin and I were looking through our pictures of the past year and we found this.

For those of you who don’t know, Devin and I love to make big breakfasts. I know what you are thinking. You just said to yourself, “yeah, but what does that have to do with that wonderful mound of goodness you just showed me?” Well, here is a little history.

When we first go married we wanted to get a really nice waffle iron. We went to William Sonoma where we found this great iron that you flip over after you pour the batter.

After we got it, we tried several recipes and about half a dozen different waffle mixes to see which one was the best. Even after a small $12 canister of mix from William Sonoma, we concluded that the best was…


Snaoqualmie Falls pancake and waffle mix.

Finally, we had the perfect belgian waffle! A little bit of butter and a generous drizzle of the Sal’s secret butter syrup, you were pretty much in heaven. Then…we moved to Utah. So now the best we can do is Krusty’s which pretty much makes the thickest, heaviest, most filling belgian waffle you’ve ever had. So, needless to say, the fancy waffle iron sits in the back of the cupboard while we use a regular, small hole waffle iron (which we now love).

So back to the mound of goodness…yes, this is breakfast. But don’t worry, not everyday. Usually, this is in lieu of “sugar cereal Saturday.” To make, start with the best waffle you possibly can (no Eggo here). Then add fresh, juicy, sweet strawberries. Then add two or three small scoops (like with those handy cookie dough scoopers) of your favorite ice cream. I like vanilla or chocolate for this (or you can use cool whip or cream). And if you are feeling really indulgent, a little Hershey’s syrup never hurt anyone.

Now that’s breakfast!

Noteworthy Quotes

As I sit cruising others’ blogs on an insanely hot afternoon, I decided that there must be something I can blog about. So here it is…a blog about quotes.

Several years ago I was fixing something to eat in the kitchen while my mom gabbed with a visiting family member in the living room. My brother came in and after a few minutes he grabbed a scrap of paper and pencil and wrote down the following (or something similar to) “we was supposed to gonna get some.” He found that what he had heard the family member say to my mom to be note worthy. This quote has become a staple in our family. If you don’t know what to say, well….”we was supposed to gonna get some”…always seems to work.

Now for Devin’s family there is always a joke about someone or something. So this one is for Quinton. A while back we all had a good laugh when we found out that Quinton’s favorite subject in 9th grade was “PE” and his least favorite subject was “anything but PE.” I was reminded of Quinton’s 9th grade questionnaire when I was proof reading Devin’s economics paper today. His concluding paragraph started with the following…word for word.

“We may always be able to always accurately measure our choices all the time.”

We both had a good laugh when I read it to him out loud and followed it with a “PE.” Now Devin was laughing just as much as I was but at this point when I am still giggling he says to me, “you’re just so mean sometimes.” So in response to his upcoming teasing I have to say this. When you have a husband who just got accepted to the Masters of Information Systems program…with a 3.95 BYU GPA and a 3.7 overall GPA…just found out he got a freakin’ 97% on his econ midterm…just found out he got a half scholarship for fall semester (and possibly every semester from here on out)…I need something to tease him about. So I just have to say “Devin, no matter what, I will always be your wife…all the time!”

What do you think about…

…the theme?  I looked through plenty of templates for this page and this was the one that I liked best.  I wanted something cute but simple enough that it didn’t take 20 minutes to load the page. Devin says that it’s too dark and a little blah.  It seems like it depends on who is looking at it.  On my computer the background color looks like a washed denim kind of  blue.  On Devin’s it just looks gray.  I like the colors and pattern.  What do you think?  We are trying to figure out how and where to put up a permanent picture and blurb about us so that should be coming soon.  Any other thoughts?  Let me know!

Why blog?

I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon, give in to peer pressure, and become a blogger. Devin has been trying to get me to blog for our food review site for a long time. I was not very interested in it at first but since I have a little more time on my hands this summer, I have been spending my spare time studying others’ blogs. For kicks I like to cruise around linked blogs just to see who knows who. I guess you’d be surprised that with a student body of 30,000+ at BYU, you can constantly find that somehow your good friend is friends with a girl that used to work with your sister (etc., etc.).

So why blog? Why me? Well, I guess it comes from what I call being “blogger frustrated.” It’s a mixture of disappointment (from clicking on your top five frequented blogs for the zillionth time during the week to find that same “tagged” posting from 17 days ago), boredom (you can only clean, do laundry, and study for so many hours a day), and at times, slight irritation (for those who find it fun to take over my computer with your current favorite song so I cannot hear my play list playing). So here it comes! My rants (c’mon, you didn’t think I’d leave the soap box in the closet for this one)! My raves (there’s something good out there right?)! My news (or lack thereof)!And whatever else seems to be fitting for the time being.

So here is my pledge: At least one posting a week. I’ve already got a few ideas of what I want to talk about and hopefully the ideas will keep coming.So stay tuned.Leave comments.Ask a question.And please, PLEASE tell me if I do something stupid (like make the font only a half a shade darker than the background so you can only read it if you highlight it).