My master button pusher

Abby is a defiant little girl. She seems to like to do things just to push my buttons…just to get a reaction out of me.
Lately her favorite is to stand on the arm of the couch or try to climb on the back of it. It makes me nervous. Just like when she stands up in her highchair or in the bathtub. She gets this look in her eyes and a little smirk, just waiting for me to get after her.

She’s such a little booger.

Potty training–we’re getting there

Yesterday marked one full week of zero accidents with katelyn. We are still in shock with how easily and quickly it happened. One day she willingly put on undies and the next day she was finally doing #2 like a champ. She was so excited. I was so excited. So excited that I had to take a picture of it. I’ll spare you that.
Now she is perfectly capable of going all on her own, though not always willing. Unfortunately, today I found out that letting her go alone isn’t always the best idea. I hope she really enjoyed that half a roll of toilet paper.
A week or so before we hit the potty training thing I decided katelyn needed some type of reward. Something besides a sweet that she could get excited about. So I bought some craft fuzzies and a small jar and introduced the “good, happy and helpful jar.” It took a while for her to get it but its worked wonders. It’s helped with potty training, cleaning up toys, putting clothes away, helping Abby, and even toothbrushing. Early this week she topped off the jar so we took a trip to an indoor play place that she loves.

The girls spent three hours playing and loved almost every minute of it.

You can’t go wrong with a day of ball pits and french fries.

Guess who is three!



You know that already.

Our little Munch is three years old and she knows it. After what seemed like a marathon of birthdays, this girl was ready to celebrate her own. Even now, nearly a month later, she can’t stop talking about birthdays.

So a few updates on this one…

As usual, she’s completely attached to her Pooh Bear.  Unfortunately, PB came up missing during an outing to the grocery store (a week or two after these pics were taken). A replacement will be available hopefully tomorrow. He’s been at the beach getting really clean and buying a new shirt. We’ll see how that works out.


Katelyn is very enthusiastic about ABCs. She sings it constantly and if you catch her in the right moment, you can say any letter and she will start the song right there, without any prompting. Thus, I’m trying to figure out ways to keep Abby from learning the ABC song until she goes to kindergarten.  That way I’ll only have to hear it half the day.

Katelyn has recently developed a passion for baking. When I can occupy Abby, all the ingredients are pre-measured and ready, and all the planets are otherwise aligned, Devin can make a batch of cookies with her with minimal frustration.

This girl has got an attitude about clothes. First there is the sock fetish, which has actually died down a bit. In the recent weeks she has decided she doesn’t like jeans. Then she decided she didn’t like any of her other pants, except her snuggle pants (aka fleece pants).  Every day she wants to wear a skirt. She will even opt for the one that she used to say was “too fat” over any pants. This isn’t exactly the right time of year to be passionate about wearing skirts. Luckily, she will wear leggings (or legos as she like to call them) if we are going out and about.

She loves her chocolate milk and treats. Yesterday she went to the grocery store with Devin. As she was helping me put the food away she said, “Mommy, we got these carrots just for you.” I asked her if she liked carrots and her reply was, “no, I just like gummies and chocolate eggs.” Uh-huh.


She loves eating popcorn and watching movies with Devin. She rarely rides in the stroller around town anymore and naps are even more rare. She loves baths, cleaning anything with wipes, jumping on the bed, a good tickle and the occasional snuggle. She’s a champ at remembering to brush her teeth, saying prayers at meal times, and lately she is excited to remember the things that I’ve drilled into her head for the last few months. “Soooo, when we get home, we take off our shoes, hang up our jackets and wash our hands!” Apparently I say “so” a lot. A LOT.



She’s a great big sister. Katelyn is always helping with Abby and trying to make her happy (unless she’s trying to make her mad). Though we do get the fights over toys and things, she’s pretty quick to share her food and even a Pooh Bear at times.



About two weeks after her birthday we stumbled upon a glimpse of willingness to try out undies again. I went along with the idea not caring, convincing myself it wasn’t going to work again. And then we hit the #2 jackpot. After more than a year of fighting her she finally willingly and excitedly conquered #2. For a solid week she made improvements every day and today, she has been clean and dry for three days! I’m so excited.


This girl has been a complete joy in our lives and we are so lucky to have such a bubbly girl. Everyday she says and does things to make me laugh. She’s full of affection and enthusiasm.

Love her.